Wednesday, June 3, 2009

9th Year

Today is the 9th wedding anniversary for Jon and I. Nine long years. Oh, I kid...I read that china is the traditional gift for this anniversary (and apparently leather is the modern gift- umm-no thanks), but thankfully we have chosen to skip those and go to Charleston, SC to spend a week at the beach. Yippeeee! We both stay so busy that the opportunity to spend every day together for a whole week just makes me smile- let alone that it will be a week on the beach!!! I'm a lucky woman. I'm so lucky to have found and be married to a man I didn't think I'd ever find. I could go on for pages about why I love him, but I'll restrain myself and mention one thing specifically. Dedication. His dedication shines in so many ways through our lives: he is a loyal friend, a hard worker, a driven musician, and a devoted husband. I read this quote and thought of him- and I hope he knows how his dedication has inspired me through all these years. Painter Philip Guston, advised that "someone who could be talked out of being an artist shouldn't be one in the first place". I see that kind of dedication (the kind you can't talk someone out of) in my husband, and I look forward to sharing many more years with him.

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