Saturday, September 6, 2008

Perfect Timing

After the sand cast, I tried resuscitation...
Then, in a fit of joy, I frolicked with HW.

and Jon :)

So, here I am back in Nashville, safe and sound. When "Hanna" actually hit the coast last night it was much less damaging then it could've been. It was a tropical storm, and it came in much further north than expected. Thankfully, the beautiful town of Charleston,SC didn't get demolished and everyone there stayed safe! Jon and I had a lovely week of beautiful sunny weather (and awesome huge waves) before driving back last night. One of my best friends, H.W. and her husband L.W., live in Charleston now. So, I got two great things in one: a super fun beach vacation and a visit with friends I love. LUCKY ME! This is what I did with my lucky self for the week: go to beach, eat, sleep, swim, beach, eat beach, sleep,eat, beach... maybe you can see a pattern...ahhh, perfection. By now probably everyone in a 900 mile radius knows I am freaking in LOVE with summer, so I'll spare you from proclaiming my love yet again.
Skipping forward a day, I worked at the boutique then headed downtown for the First Saturday Gallery Crawl. My accomplice, Jesse W, and I perused the scene. We saw alot of work, and the majority of it was quite good. Sometimes I go to openings and leave thinking, "Really!???" Not tonight, though. If you went, what were your favorites? If you didn't, I'm about to tell you mine, so stay tuned!

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Maira said...

Wow!! Looks like you have really enjoyed your vacation trip.