Sunday, September 7, 2008

I 'll Have a Glass of Red Please

Surprisingly, there weren't a ton of people out last night for the gallery crawl; being a cool, breezy evening I would've expected otherwise. I took advantage of that though and was able to actually look closely, talk, sit, and even stand without constantly bumping into other gallery goers. So, the first place we went was Davis Art Advisory in the Arcade. At the Davis showroom, I was particularly into the work by Jaclyn Mednovic. Another artist in the Arcade whose work I adore is Danielle Duer. She has a couple new pieces that I could stare at for hours; the intricacy is crazy! Crazy good. Maybe I'm a little jealous:)

Out of the Arcade, the Rymer and Tinney + Cannon were next on the route. The Rymer had 5 (I believe) new pieces of Julia Martin's. They were lovely and dreamy as usual, and I noticed several "sold" stickers...Yay! Tinney + Cannon featured several interesting artists, but the one I was most drawn to was Rachael McCampbell. Her colors are soft and bold, seamlessly side -by- side. Definitely would like to see more of her work.
For me the gallery walk ended at Estel. The two main artists showing this month at Estel are Anna Jaap and Lori Field. Anna Jaap's work was in the same vein as previous pieces I've seen, making me wonder if I actually have seen these before? Lori Field's work was pretty intriguing: the collaged pieces, the layers, the drawn elements, the imagery.They are wild fairy tale dream worlds. I met Lori, and she explained the large pieces in this show are the first large collage pieces she's done- exciting! And she was super nice!

So yeah, I guess that sums up the highlights for me. You should go check out one or all, if you haven't already. The current shows will hang through the end of September.

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