Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Like Jesus but Jesus LOVES Me, So Yeah, It's Kinda Awkward...

Sunday evening lazy time: it's the end of a pretty sweet day. I went to church this morning with a coffee and cinnamon crunch bagel in hand( yum~ Panera) I feel like maybe that's just what needed to happen to start the day out right.
This afternoon my friend, Beth, invited me to the Belcourt Theatre for a special event sponsored by the Contributor, Nashville's only newspaper by, for, and about the homeless. "From Tramp to Vagabond: a History of Homelessness in Film" runs September 14- 29th at the theatre. It's basically an overview of the homeless character in cinema; the films are quite varied, and span a period of 95 years. "Tramp to Vagabond" opened today with a hot dog reception and several Charlie Chaplin shorts- my favorite was "A Dog's Life", of course! What a great concept; it 's obvious that alot of work has gone into this thoughtful collection. This is probably a once in a life time opportunity, so DON'T MISS OUT!
Later in the afternoon, I ran a bunch of errands and am pleased to announce that I got a new canvas at Michael's for 40% off. It's 24" x 48", and by tomorrow it will probably be covered in pink paint. Pink? Yes. I'm in an experimental phase with color, so we'll see...
Since then, the evening has been a random assortment. I spray- painted a beautiful vintage mirror frame white; it'll look sooo good in the bathroom near the little chandelier. I painted a current lighting fixture white, covering the gross brassy- gold that it had going on. I made a quesadilla full of cheesy deliciousness. I wrote to several people that I've been meaning to for days. I wasted probably over an hour piddling around on Myspace. Now I'm ready to call it a day (or I guess that should be night)...take it easy!

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