Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hibernation, Mud, and Old Quilts

Ahhh, January is coming to an end. Even though I know there are several more months of crappy weather, at least the daylight is lasting longer. I would know, I check the sunrise / sunset records on; I'm attempting to wake myself out of hibernation. This month has been exhausting in so many ways. If you work/ have ever worked in retail, you probably have experienced the post -Christmas burn out. I had some major family events early in the month, and more recently have experienced house drama of a ridiculous level ( heat went out twice, frozen pipes burst in the crawl space, and the t.v. died). Its all taken its toll on me- I've been laying low- hiding out. When it gets so gray outside, I feel like I can't think clearly; everything is muddy, even my mind.
Today was gorgeous, though, and I took advantage. My sweet friend Emily ( or E.F. Harper batik artist extraordinaire) went hiking with me at Radnor Lake. The sun on my face was a relief from the rain, and little deer families by the trail were so beautiful I couldn't help but smile. Later in the afternoon I got a skinny grande cinnamon dulce latte (guess where we were) with two more favorite friends, Jennifer & Mary Alice. Now here I am browsing Youtube and googling art blogs in bed with the 2 of the my top 3 snuggle buddies (Jon, you'll always be #1). Oh, and it gets better. My little brother-in-law gave us bright blue sheets for Christmas, and I'm using them right now! Thanks, Paul! They're cobalt blue flannel. Perfect with the blue quilt my grandmother made. Its gotta be about 30 years old- some of the little triangle's seams are coming undone- but I love it more than any new comforter you could find.

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