Thursday, December 6, 2007

Winchester, V.A.

Guess who just saw SNOW!!!! I did ! But even better: I saw Grandma & Granddad Brown, aunt Debbie, her husband Doug, and my cousin Laura. Jon and I drove to Winchester, VA this week, and had a wonderful time visiting the family. We also did a little exploring around town. My favorite is the historic downtown area. There are buildings from the 1800's, cobblestone sidewalks, & lots of apple paraphernalia. In case you didn't know: Winchester is the birthplace/ home of Patsy Cline AND the White House Apple Juice Headquarters. There are apple orchards outside the city, and every Spring there is an Apple Blossom Parade! I have many memories of the parade... my dad & granddad loaded us kids into a red wagon and walked downtown to watch the parade. (Even though we could barely sit still long enough to watch it- Aaron & I usually ended up running through the front lawn of the First Baptist Church instead.) Above are pictures of a mossy cobblestone sidewalk downtown & some of the fantastic old houses. Also, the snow picture is taken in front of my grandparents house. My grandfather, Gerald Brown, built it himself in 1964!

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