Monday, December 24, 2007

Looking Inside My Grandfather's House

My Grandfather, Gerald Brown, has made a really inspiring work of art. Using the skills (wood working, electrical wiring, home design) he learned earlier in life, he constructed a mini- house. From the outside in, he finished out this house in such detail that the close up snapshots look they could be a real room in a full size house. I love all the little touches like books open on desks, musical instruments in the living room, "oriental" rugs on the floors, and upholstery on the furniture. Some of these details were completed by my Grandmother, who is really talented when it comes to sewing, knitting, cross- stitching, etc; she made the curtains, rugs, & upholstery. After 60 plus years of marriage, they are still working together- and that is most beautiful part of it all.
Oh ** thanks to Jon for taking most of these pictures, including the super cool shot from outside a window with what looks like my Grandmother (blue shirt ) on the inside- it's actually her reflection as she and I were standing off to the side.


LEB said...

This little house is amazing. I looked at the pictures before I read the blog...and thought for a minute that it was a real house...and wondered why you posted lots and lots of pictures of your grandfather's house...beautiful though it is. THEN, I realized it was a miniature house and was therefore AMAZING. I'm sorry you lost your grandfather, it looks like he was a pretty neat guy.

SarahShearer said...

It IS amazing!
I miss him.