Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Best Little Theatre Ever

Last night was the opening reception for my show at the Public Theatre of Kentucky in Bowling Green. This little theatre in historic downtown used to be an auto body shop, but has been renovated over the past 30 years to host theatre, music, AND visual art events. Inside and out, you can tell alot of love has gone into this colorful building ( the bathroom is painted an amazing hot pink, ladies!!!).
Andee Rudloff has been involved with the theatre for years, and she is the one that invited me to show in the gallery space. Andee curates for the theatre, among many other places, and recently started working in the education department at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. While we (Jon & I ) were in Bowling Green last night, she gave us a tour of her fabulously renovated house that is right across from the theatre! True to her imaginative & wildly creative spirit, the renovations include: a loft bedroom, a spiral staircase, multi-colored tiling in a custom design, & ceiling windows in the living room. Yes, it IS awesome.
I'm thrilled to be showing with the Public Theatre of Kentucky; my work will hang through Dec 16th. The production, " The Best Christmas Pageant Ever", is running through December 16th as well. Check out their website for additional info:

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Andee said...

You are too kind. Come up to BG, KY, anytime!