Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Hearts

Happy Valentines Day!
I recently worked on a Valentine themed project for a window display.
Hopefully you've all had the chance (often as a child) to create a crafty project using wax paper and melted crayon- it's a pretty familiar process that produces very bright and fun results.

I used Crayola brand crayons to achieve the highest quality color. Some off brands cut costs by using more wax and less pigment- meaning the melted crayon may look a bit chalky.

Generating the amount of crayon shavings needed did take a bit of time and elbow grease (using a cheese grater), but it's well worth it! This is where things start to get messy, and I would suggest covering your work surface with craft paper or newsprint.

Placing one sheet of wax paper down, sprinkle the shavings (as lightly and evenly as possible) onto it and then place another sheet of wax paper on top. Place a protective paper (copy paper, craft paper,etc) between the top sheet of wax paper and the iron (with no steam) and lightly iron away! 
I chose to melt large areas, and then cut multiple smaller hearts from it. 

Using a single whole punch and bright pink yarn, I strung together 6 foot strands of hearts. Threading the yarn through the top hole, gently knotting it once, then threading it though the bottom hole and repeating on the next heart worked to create the garland look I wanted.

The strands are stretched vertically in the window, secured at each end. I love a good pop of color on these grey wintery days!


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