Thursday, February 21, 2013

the Contributor Project

This week I completed a project for a fantastic local non profit, the Contributor. They are experiencing continued growth and have just expanded into additional office space. 
Founding Executive Director Tasha French Lemley explains "the expansion to McKendree United Methodist Church allows for executive and editorial offices, while the vendor program remains at Downtown Presbyterian Church."
 I was honored when asked to paint the Contributor logo onto the entryway wall at the new space, and completed the project this week. We snapped some pics to document the process:

Tools of the trade: artist brushes, acrylic paint, water bucket,  transparency printed with logo.

Old school projector + transparency sheet= logo projected onto workspace.

Projected image used to sketch a pencil outline.
First coat in progress.

First coat complete.

Dark colors require multiple coats to get rid of the streaky look you see in this initial coat.

Second coat in progress.

See the difference each coat makes! Two coats (left) and one coat (right).

Third and final coat went on quickly and achieved a smooth, bold look.
 I'm very pleased with the results. The Contributor staff is as well; they were a pleasure to work with this week and I am thrilled to have "contributed" to their new space the best way I know how!

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