Monday, January 21, 2013

Thread Painting- Also Known as Embroidery

Textiles have been calling my name lately. Although I don't have a background in working with them, I've gathered some basic knowledge from YouTube tutorials and Pinterest pins. I decided to experiment with what could probably be called embroidery. 

First, I gathered a needle and threadz (yes, with a Z). Basically, the threadz consist of a handful of embroidery floss colors that caught my eye. I am uncertain of the needle size I chose, but I looked for one with a larger eye that would allow me to thread and re-thread very easily. The only downside to choosing a needle with a larger eye is that it does "stress" the fabric a bit if you try to force it through a tightly woven cloth.

Next, I picked not one but two fabrics to embroider onto. Because more is more. One side is a neutral burlap; one side is a blue and white cotton stripe. I thought I would work with the burlap side facing out and somehow use the blue and white as a cool additional backing. Keep in mind- I don't actually know what I 'm doing. I quickly changed my mind, flipped it over and used the blue and white as the surface I wanted to work on. I chose to do this because I sketched a pattern onto the fabric surface, and burlap was difficult to sketch on!

My embroidery approach was basically to think of the thread colors as paint- placing and blending them like I would pigment on a canvas. I kind of love it! This is a very small piece; the embroidery hoop is 4". Time wise- it is NOT fast. This took me the better part of the afternoon, but I really enjoyed the process. More textile experiments are definitely in my near future.

If you have any tips and tricks you think I should know- please share!

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