Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Irregularity and Bath Salts

I have been a very irregular blogger since the beginning of 2012. No big single reason, just a combo of changes in my life. Just life. When I go a chunk of time without posting, it feels weird to jump right back into blogging. Like I need to go ahead and fill you in on everything thats happened since the last post and up to this moment, but neither of us would want that so I will try to bypass that notion this go round.

So let's just start with right now and what lead me to log in and start typing: inspiration. I am surrounded by people I admire. They inspire me each in unique ways, in different facets of life. They all share the same spirit of pursuit though- intense pursuit of dreams/beliefs. I've wondered lately if I've lost my direction; if I am wandering aimlessly through life. Maybe we all think that from time to time. Or maybe some never think it at all? I rarely stick to a straight and narrow path. I am pushing, searching, looking for growth. I remind myself tonight: I am pursuing, not aimlessly wandering.

Here are a few tidbits on how the fine human beings I am surrounded by lately have inspired me:

~Our culture values a type A, fast -paced, get more, more, more mentality- but that does not in fact mean it is a desirable quality to have.

~Willingness to make personal sacrifice for the good of the community or another individual.

~It's worth it to go the extra mile.

That is all. 
Except this one other thing that's been on everyone's mind lately:

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