Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Rash Decision

Here they are- the stuff my dreams are made of. I have been obsessed with Sam Edleman's Wickley Boots for MONTHS now. They represent a major purchase for me- apparently unlike the writer for  Vanderbilt University's student news who in a fashion post referred to Sam Edelman as "cobbler-to-the-commoner". Ha!

  First, I told myself they would be my treat if I got the new job. Well, I didn't get the new job, but I did gain great experience and receive excellent feedback while giving it my very best. For that, and all the disappointment and frustration of not getting it, I decided it would be OK to treat myself anyway!
This is the most financially irresponsible decision I have made in many moons. A rash one, maybe. But honestly, if there ever were a shoe (besides my Nike's) that I will get a great return on- it would be a studded black leather boot. Expect to see me in these 24-7 for Fall/Winter 2011.

Recent events have left me so, so BLAH: the car repair bills, the job sitch, the freaking rash, the medical bills- it's been an incredibly discouraging month. Although the meds for the allergic reaction (a.k.a. the freaking rash) give me several hours a day of relief, at this point there actually isn't much progress. There are new welts developing which means the Dr considers the current treatment unsuccessful. I am getting the maximum out patient treatment possible, which means the next step is in patient treatment. If by next week it still hasn't gone away, I will be admitted to the hospital for a steroid IV until this thing is gone. I'm almost ready for that to happen-just so it will be over once and for all. Except that I would love to avoid a trip to the hospital. We'll see. Maybe something will shift for the better over the weekend.
At least in the mean time I will rock the awesomest new boots. As soon as they're on my feet I feel 50% more bad ass!

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