Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rollin'on the (Buffalo) River

 The first group canoe/kayak outing happened on Memorial weekend- me, Jon, and, oh, 20 friends.

 Rod and Amy brought class to the outing; I call this their "Steeplechase on the River" look.

I said the morning we left that I would crush a beer can on my head. I forgot. I guess Cary was feeling the can crushing vibe that day, though.


 Rickety steps; questionable rope; big tall tree. As if these aren't enough to tackle, Rod shimmied up even further. Somewhat like one of those dudes that shimmies up a coconut tree to pick the fruit.

 Amy, Rod, and Gus puppy.

 Jon & I "parked" as the group got spread further and further apart to wait for a few buddies.

 Me, Ian, & Lindsay cruisin' in our sporty new kayaks.YAY-guess what we'll be doing a lot of this summer!

 Jon - just a swingin.

 Jon and I take the plunge. We got married!!!!Hahaha. We jumped off what felt like a pretty tall bridge. I loved it! I love that he likes doing these things with me!

 Matt, Jackson, and Christy- our illustrious trip organizer. She successfully coordinated 22 people for 2 day camping and canoeing adventure! Slight confusion over food resulted in 70 something hot dogs being brought for Sunday dinner, but hey, better too much than too little!

 Regrouping to continue our 11 mile paddle.

 One capsized kayak. Later one capsized canoe. Other than that, pretty smooth paddling. The river's current really carried us along without much work.

 Jackson attempts to climb the tree to the rope swing. Look at that determination! What a sweetheart.

One bridge jump wasn't enough- I ended up jumping 4-5 times.It was perfect. Hot sun. Cool water. Lucky me.


Christy said...

How've I never known you had a blog?! I am subscribing, um, RIGHT NOW!

SarahShearer said...

@Christy -Yes!! Thanks for subscribing. I hope you are delighted/entertained/reasonably amused by it, even though I may never get to post about "rolling in the deep" with manatees like some bad ass bloggers I know;)