Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Biking Charleston, SC

 Now that I've had a chance to upload and edit the photos, I'm going to do a couple posts about Charleston. Because it's awesome and it deserves your attention! First off, this trip was one of my favorite types of vacations. I'd call it an "active relaxation" type. I did spend some time watching movies and lounging in bed, but what I most enjoy about traveling is getting out and taking in my new surroundings.

 My beautiful BFF, Hollie, moved to Charleston several years ago and I have visited a handful of times. Enough to get a feel for it, and know my way around. I love taking a bike out and exploring places I 've noticed before-maybe a sign that caught my eye, a historic site I've read about, or even just a road /path that looked interesting. The pics above are from a sunset ride down a little road that runs through a marshy area and down to a boat ramp. Very peaceful.

          This is on the boardwalk downtown on the harbor side. Charleston is generally very bike friendly. You will see lots of people riding them downtown, and there are a good amount of paths and bike lanes to connect you with some really scenic spots throughout the area.                                                                                                                                                                                              

View from the Cooper River Bridge- the Cooper River emptying into the ocean. It's just so grand. The hugeness of it, the power that can be felt here makes me love it. I get a tiny twinge of fear mixed with a great amount of awe.

A very important part of "active relaxation" is having the right fuel for your adventures. The Village Bakery always has what I need for that, i.e. hot hazelnut coffee and a fresh cinnamon rolls. It's my fave bakery in the area, aside from Baked.

The lovely colors and scents of summer were already out. The sweet smell of Jessamine and Honeysuckle floating on the breeze was heavenly. That may just be the next addition to my garden!
I couldn't not include a picture of Rainbow Row. Sure, maybe you've seen 350 pics of it already but, whatev. Still love it's gorgeous old houses and Southern charm.
That's all for this post. You have a beach-tastic post coming at you tomorrow!


Project Life said...

Looks like it was a wonderful trip! I am glad you had the chance to go.

SarahShearer said...

It was so nice; thank you!