Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bourbon Chase Relay

Last weekend I participated in a crazy awesome event called the Bourbon Chase Relay. As I did when invited to join my team of friends in the race, you may ask:
The Bourbon Chase is a unique, overnight relay adventure in which teams of runners cover 200 miles of scenic byways along the famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Participants will experience the best of Kentucky. Starting near Bardstown, the Bourbon Capital of the World, and wrapping up with a festive finish in downtown Lexington, the Horse Capital of the World, The Bourbon Chase will treat runners to gorgeous horse farms and the rolling Bluegrass countryside.
And, as the event name implies, the featured attraction of the race will be the Kentucky Bourbon Trail which links the state's legendary distilleries.

And also:
Teams are made up of 6 or 12 person teams. Each member of the team will run three legs over distances varying from 3 – 7 miles. Each team will provide two support vans to drop off and pick up runners at designated exchange points along the 200-mile route. So, you don't have to be a world-class runner. From casual joggers to serious racers, this event is great fun for everyone.

I'll attempt even further explanation:
Our team, "East Nasty for Life!", consisted of 12 valiant men and women. Upon checking in at the starting line, we split into 2 groups -of 6 runners each- which would for the rest of the weekend be known as "Van 1" and "Van 2". 
Van 1 kicks off the race with their runners one by one completing the first 6 legs of the 200 mile adventure. Their first runner starts, then they drive to the end of leg 1, let the second runner warm up, and look for runner one to arrive. This process repeats all the way to runner 6. Van 2 drives on to the spot where the last runner (#6) of Van 1 arrives and hands off the relay wristband. Then Van 2's runners one by one complete the next six legs, at which point the relay wristband is handed off to Van 1's first runner and cycle repeats itself two more times. Each runner completes three legs (each leg averaging around 5-6 miles) of the journey, as the team cycles through all the runners non -stop until the finish line is crossed.
Add in extreme exhaustion, and you get the idea!

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