Saturday, November 15, 2008

Newest Neighbor, Liz

After working in the isolation/ distraction of my house since graduating from college, I feel fortunate to now be part of a community of artists in the Downtown Presbyterian Church studio spaces. I 'm happy to announce: I have a new studio neighbor, Elizabeth Streight. Liz's art is photography, which you can see on her photoblog. It's a documentary of her life, and the many people that are part of it. I enjoy the candid shots, and the celebratory feel they capture. I can't wait to watch as her work develops right next door. Haha. "Develop"- get it- that's a photography joke. Ok, I'll stop. P.S. The photos are ones she took at Monteagle mountain; Seamus, Liz, and I spent a lovely fall weekend hiking in the mountains and realxing at our friend, Tom's, cabin. Click here to see more!

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