Saturday, October 12, 2013

Artober Nashville

It was an art-full afternoon in Goodlettesville today. In collaboration with a fantastic non -profit, Turnip Green Creative Reuse, I led a workshop in the Nashville Public Library Goodlettesville branch.

In case you didn't already know: Nashville is bursting at the seams with art events such as this during Artober- a month long celebration of the arts and culture during the month of October!

This workshop was very unique in that it allowed participants to take a piece of Tennessee history home with them. Inspired by President Andrew Jackson's middle Tennessee home- the Hermitage- the project began with pieces of a poplar tree from the Hermitage grounds that fell after being struck by lightning. 

Sections of the poplar were cut and drilled with a hole; these would be the base for creating ornaments/ wall hangings. 

Next, participants were invited to cut pages and words out of a book from the 1800's - one that could have been in Andrew Jackson's library- and decoupage them onto the poplar pieces. 

Pulling inspiration from the Hermitage living room's interior, a crocheted doily offered an interesting texture option for the wooden hangings.

As cotton fields were an important element of the Hermitage's outdoor environment- we used cotton pieces dipped in paint to create color patterns on the wooden surface.

Artober Nashville is the single largest celebration of the arts and culture in the South. This project was the perfect way to engage!

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