Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So far, So good

 I'm actually kind of "blah" at the moment and being lazy tonight, but during my lazing I have replayed the past month or so in my mind. Good stuff! Here are some images of moments and places I enjoyed- in no particular order.

 Baby bottles and...wine? Hahaha!  This is preparation for the most delicious Thanksgiving dinner at my parents (my Mom is a fantastic chef and no, I did not pick it up).

Exploring, with Jon, on Thanksgiving night in east Tennessee.

Friends and I painted pieces to go on a community Christmas tree. Can you guess which two are mine?

The king of all Christmas pageants, Blake! Smart, cute, and so hilarious- he is the BEST. I may be a little biased.

Jon and I celebrated New Year's Eve with friends, at a little party at Casa de Shearer. We were going to head downtown for the countdown, but after everyone had a couple drinks it seemed like a bad idea to try to relocate the group and we had a countdown in the living room watching the Time Square ball drop, instead. Still lots of fun, still one of my favorite holidays! It's a toss up between New Year's Eve and 4th of July- I think I love them both equally.
Well, here we are four days into the new year. So far, so good. I like the way 2011 is looking!

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