Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day, P.M.

HAPPY *post* 4th of JULY!
I hope it was a fun, relaxing, lucrative (maybe you had to work-I did on Monday), explosive, love- fest of freedom!

On 4th of July eve I braved the crowds downtown and snagged a spot on the pedestrian bridge as the sun was setting on the Cumberland River. To me, being up close and personal with thousands of dollars of fireworks is worth a little traffic. I want to feel the sound, and be so close that they fill the sky above me!

And so it begins!

These shimmery gold ones are my favorites. They remind me of champagne, fairy tales, kittens, and unicorns. Well ....

The Fourth of July is one of many favorite holidays, and fireworks may or not be part of the reason why! Other reasons include, but are not limited to:
*It is smack -dab in the middle of my favorite season.
*It involves few traditions /expectations for me.
*Traditions associated with it that I do participate in are ones I love (days on the lake, cook outs, swimming holes, pool parties, fireworks, good times).
*We're celebrating our FREEDOM!


lizstr8 said...

Love this story you've written! Thanks so much for telling it!

SarahShearer said...

Thanks for being in it!!!