Monday, August 11, 2008

The Rundown

Thanks, Alene, for loaning the cute vintage dress!

Thanks, Baisden, for the delicious foliage!

And thanks, Nicki & Aaron, for the latest in the "Desert Prince Romance" series.

My 31 st birthday has come and gone, and as it usually goes with birthdays- I don't feel much different. I don't know many people who do actually "feel older", after a birthday;
that's never been what they mean to me. The typical significance of 30's birthdays seems to be something not alot of people are excited about; like it's disappointing to admit you're in your 30's.
Why would it be disappointing? Because of a couple extra pounds or wrinkles or stretch marks? REALLY??! For realz though, it seems to be the time when you really know yourself and can own it. You tried different paths and made decisions in your 20's that brought you to the place you are now. Hopefully, for you reading this, it's a happy place. For me it is. I am proud and thankful of the place I am in my life, and this birthday has been a reminder to me of the things I am blessed with in life.
Early last week, I received a package in the mail from my parents. Inside it was a ring we had looked at when they came to visit in July; they had remembered and gotten it without me noticing. On Friday (my birthday) evening Jon and I went up to Boscos with several friends. It meant alot that friends wanted to celebrate with me. I feel lucky to have such good people around me. Saturday morning, Jon and I drove to Chattanooga. The plan was to drive directly to the riverfront and go on a riverboat cruise departing at 2. Unfortunately, I forgot about the difference in time zones and we missed the boat, literally. Jon's sister, Rachel, and her husband, Jay, live in Chattanooga so we got to visit with them Saturday evening. Sunday morning at 5:30, I woke up ready to go. The past couple of weeks I had been so nervous and pessimistic about doing my first triathlon...but when I got up that morning I knew I could do it. Outside it was so dark and cool, but by the time we arrived at the Chickamauga Dam starting point the sun was coming up over the water and my excitement was building. I was so unsure of what it would be like swimming with hundreds of people and then transitioning to the bike, and would I have any energy left when it came time to run? Well, the swimming was fine. I did get kicked (and kick others) but it was all fairly gentle and non- violent. Transitioning was simple, I wore the same clothes (bike shorts & swim top)- no complicated outfit changes. My bike and I were slow comparatively, but held up well. When I racked my bike and started running through downtown, I had so much adrenaline going through me, that I didn't even want to slow down or stop. We ran across two bridges, and the early morning sun sparkled off the river beneath us- it was quite a scenic route. When I finished I felt great; it's safe to say there will be more triathlons in my future! After a quick shower and breakfast, Jon and I went back to the riverfront and successfully boarded a sightseeing cruise. Good stuff. Then, we cruised on out to Monteagle Mountain. A generous friend loaned us his cabin on the mountain for the night. It was cuter than I could have imagined: cozy one bedroom, fireplace in the living room, big front porch with a swing, and the most incredible view out over the valleys below it. And here we are. It's Monday, and we still have not left. I am writing this, looking out off the bluff, and loving all the beautiful pieces that form my sometimes puzzling life.

***written this morning***
p.s. prepare for picture bombardment soon to come.

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