Sunday, July 27, 2008

Animated Living

L -> R :Stacey, Noah, Jon, Rita, Landry, Emily, Me, Andee

My inspiring friend Andee Rudloff has a show with her equally inspiring mother, Rita Rudloff, this month in Bowling Green, KY. These two have art filling the Gallery at 916 .
Jon and I went to the reception on July 25th and then celebrated with an after- party at Rita's house. I've always been so amazed at how creative and just full of life Andee is, and now I know where she gets it! Rita was the life of the party; she has recently beaten cancer, and just seems ready to jump into anything. She was even up for teaching us some hard- core water aerobics move in her salt water pool! Congrats and thanks to Andee and Rita for being such a positive force.

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