Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Day!!!

Aka (pronounced ahh- kah ) is my sweet girl who loves to run. Aka is the Hawaiian word for "shadow". We adopted her from a wonderful pit bull rescue group, Tender Heart Canine Rescue, who took her in after she had been abused by her first owner. At first she was SO timid a name like "Shadow" seemed fitting; now that she is happy & confidant, something like "Fearless Tornado" may be more accurate.

This is Seamus (pronounced shay- mus, not sea- anus). The name Seamus is an Irish form of James, and I don't know the meaning of "james" but I bet it could be found here. We found Seamus when he was an 8 week old little baby bull on

As you can see in the pics from this morning- Nashville got snow today! We don't see that very often here, and even less often does it actually stay on the ground instead of instantly melting. By "stay on the ground," I mean it stayed for an hour in the early morning till the sun warmed things up a bit. It was fun while it lasted; watching Seamus and Aka play in the snow was the cutest thing- they were just SO happy and just bursting with energy.
They are both pit bull mixes and would not be kept alive in an animal shelter in Tennessee (according to state law, pit bulls are to be euthanized if brought in); Thank God for people like Jennifer at Tender Heart Canine Rescue and Jodi at Bless the Bullys.
Rescue groups like theirs are how we got Seamus and Aka; I can't imagine them not being part of our little family. Pit bulls get such a bad stereotype, and some communities ( Roane county) in TN are making decisions based off of hype, not facts. Legislation to ban pit bulls/ pit bull type dogs in Roane county is in being voted on in the next several weeks. Please be aware of what sweet, loyal dogs these are by nature- don't judge the breed because of things a few horribly irresponsible dog owners have let happen. If you want to know more about rescues or adopting a pit bull of your own please tell me! is a wonderful resource,as well. Ok... it's time for me to call it a night. 30 minutes till V. Day...

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